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Miskolc Holding Plc.

Miskolc Holding Local Government Asset Management Corporation is one of the most capital-intensive companies in Miskolc.

The mission of the organisation is to improve the quality of life in Miskolc through urban and economic developments. Miskolc Holding Plc. manages 11 independent companies which provide public services such as district heating-, water- and sewage services, waste management, public transportation and urban parking management.

The organization is fully owned by the Municipality of Miskolc City with County Rank.

Objectives of Miskolc Holding

  • transparent and efficient operation of the municipal companies and business organisations
  • unified strategic guidance, management and control
  • entrepreneurial management of the Municipality’s assets allocated for this purpose in order to improve the service- and public service quality provided by the municipal companies and organisations
  • enhance the coordination and cooperation of the municipal companies, and create framework for more efficient legal practice

Mission of Miskolc Holding

Our mission is to develop and improve the economy of Miskolc in accordance with the City’s strategic goals. The mission of Miskolc Holding Plc. is essentially driven by three main activities:

Urban development

Contribution to the continuous and dynamic development of Miskolc. Our decisions are influenced and driven by the responsibility towards the local people and the natural environment.

Economic development

Utilising its innovation capabilities, Miskolc Holding strives to become a dominant player in the economic- and urban development activities of the City. The „One-stop-shop administration” was created specifically for the investors to simplify and expedite the administrative procedures. Miskolc Holding provides assistance in collecting and providing the informations necessary for making business decisions.

Company development

Miskolc Holding’s company development strategy is aimed at establishing such an up-to-date corporate- and operational structure, which strives to increase the efficiency of its member companies’ operation through exploiting the synergies maximally.

It is our honourable responsibility to provide the residents of Miskolc with wide-ranging and reliable services. Miskolc Holding continuously develops its public services, provides high-standard, efficient and sustainable services by utilising its expertise, and contributes to improve the living standard of the local residents.

Purpose of unified management

Enable the company group to establish the environment and conditions necessary for new municipal investments and enterprises, as well as to utilise the opportunities provided by EU and domestic funds and to operate with project approach. Accordingly, the demand for subsidies, requiring an increasing proportion of the city budget, may decrease. By creating a holding-type management structure the members of the company group are able to realise such financial- and operational benefits that result in a more cost effective increase of the quality of services.

Advantages of the Holding management

  • harmonised strategic management and control
  • low-cost operation and cost benefits
  • quick decision making process, competitive companies
  • professional dialogue, focus on core activity, self-reliance of the member companies
  • remove burden from the Municipality, ownership and control by the Municipality

Benefits expected from the unified management

  • improve the quality of services rendered to the inhabitants
  • more efficient operation of the companies
  • enhance the Municipality's role as owner
  • strategic management and control of the companies
  • increase the savings resulting from collective operation

History in brief

November 17, 2005

The General Assembly of Miskolc City with County Rank in its resolution no. IX-264/71.735/2005 with the objective of more efficient operation of the business organisation owned by the Local Government adopted a decision that the company group shall be managed in a „Holding-type” form as of January 01, 2007.

July 6, 2006

The General Assembly of Miskolc City with County Rank in its resolution no. V-141/95.718/2006 passed a decision on the establishment of Miskolc Holding Municipal Asset Management Private Limited Company.

July 24, 2006

The Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Court as Company Court incorporated the Miskolc Holding Municipal Asset Management Plc.

Basic data

Seat: H-3530 Miskolc, Petőfi Sándor street 1-3.

Registration number: 05-10-000406

Tax number: 13778749-2-05

Address: H-3530 Miskolc, Petőfi Sándor street 1-3.

Registered capital: HUF 17 498 000 000

Number of employees:

  • number of employees within the Miskolc Holding Plc. (Dec. 31, 2014.): 114 people
  • number of employees within the member companies of Miskolc Holding Plc. (Dec. 31, 2014.): 2692 people

Chairman of the Board of Directors: György Vécsi

CEO of Miskolc Holding Plc.: Kinga Pálffy

Member companies

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